ALZHEIMER'S TEST KITCHEN  is a collaboration between people; friends, families, cooks, nutritionists, doctors and scientists all sharing their ideas, wisdom and recipes for a brain healthy diet.

Know your body...before any major food changes you should consult your doctor and watch out for food allergies. Everyone involved in this project is sincerely trying to help a person with or to prevent dementia...this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. 

Diet is a part of a multimodial program to fight dementia: Physical Exercise, Mental Exercise, Music and Dance, Community and Medicine. all combine to help reduce the symptoms of dementia. Some programs have been documented to slow down the symptoms by as much as five years! 


Learn more by contacting your doctor and the Alzheimer's Association.  


Keep checking in for updates as we build this site and share the stories of people who love food and life! Don't forget to check out our Facebook and social media for news! 

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